Hi! I'm Hans

The Human-Centered Designer.


I'm originally from India and I have lived in England, Scotland and Germany in the last decade.


In the last 5 years of working as a T-shaped, multidisciplinary Designer, I have worked on various industries like Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Mobility.


Key clients I have worked with– NHS Scotland, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Volkswagen, Bosch Rexroth.



The New Volkswagen Landing Page.jpg
Rexroth's New Landing Page.jpg

Strategist & Facilitator

The New Volkswagen Website

The new website caters to the global audience as a central portal with simplified navigation, highly personalised experience and enables usery to configure vehicles with fewer clicks. Read More.

Strategist & Facilitator

The New Rexroth Website

The new MVP of the Bosch Rexroth landing page was launched in efforts to enhance the product finder, easier navigation with fewer clicks. Read More.

SIMAPP Mockup.jpg

UX Researcher & Designer

iPad Sales App

A Diagnostics app that enables the sales and marketing team to create customised presentations as per their customer needs. Read More.

Visual Test Result cover photo.jpg

Service Designer

Virtual Test Results

VTR aims to help individuals living with diabetes understand the medical information from their bi-yearly blood test results. Read More.

Person looking at Network Wall cards.jpg

Design Researcher

The Network Wall

Time travel fun with FTWK's in-house product that connects people at events in a human and an analogue way. Read More.

User personas.jpg

Ethnographic Field Researcher

Digital Durham

The task was to carry out fieldwork to re-introduce council members, decision makers and chief executives to their key stakeholders in an innovative workshop. Read More.


Social Projects