60 Minutes Diwali Musical

Amikal – Center for Educational & Cultural Exchange

My Key Activities
  • Understanding the script and emotions of the musical
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Assistance


Diwali, for Indians is like Christmas in the western countries.

Amikal (meaning 'friendly') is a Center for Educational and Cultural Exchange eV and is making a strong contribution to the positive debate about different cultures in Berlin. In this way, the association is to foster the exchange between cultures, to convey knowledge about other traditions and to open up new perspectives. Amikal offers courses and events that deal with different cultures, such as Indian cooking classes, country-specific film recitals or joint celebrations of important holidays. Workshops on topics such as nonviolent communication, mediation, supervision and intercultural skills as well as language courses are offered.

For Diwali 2017, Amikal organised a 60 minutes Bollywood musical. I was requested to support them in creating a background stage video that was projected during the musical and gave the visual and feel to the entire play.


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Shorter video of the Musical.