iPad Sales App

A Diagnostics app that enables the sales and marketing team to create customised presentations for their different client needs.


The challenge was to help the client take the first step towards digital transformation and make a shift from using traditionally printed brochures to in-app customisable presentations. Along with the research, we also discovered several other features that could enhance Sales Rep's day-to-day activities like, calendar, on the go help, access to scientific studies, sharing materials with clients via email and news related to latest material and company regulation.


We followed cycles of Design Thinking approach for the research and designing part. And followed the Agile methodology for the development part.


The result is a sophisticated, personalised and one-stop app. To name a few benefits, the app helps save printing costs of the traditional brochures which means the sales reps do not have to carry heavy materials with them to every client meeting.

My Takeaways
  • My first independent human-to-computer experience design project from start to finish. 

  • Along the way, I also taught myself to test and document on Zephyr for JIRA.

  • I learnt agile methodology in a practical way through the development process.

  • I also learned that educating clients can be very challenging & rewarding, it is essential to onboard them with the science of User centric product building.

  • Clients can be impatient; as a designer, you always have to remind them of the process, the personas and show them the value of starting small and iterating on it.

  • Digital transformation can surface a lot of other organisational problems that are directly or indirectly related to your product/service. Always think before if your solution is creating more problems or if it is even the right solution in the first place.

My Key Activities
  • UX Concepts
  • User Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Planning and conducting workshops
  • Basic UI
Client: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Project Duration: June 2015 – June 2017