The New Volkswagen Website 

The new website caters to the global audience as a central portal with simplified navigation, highly personalised experience and enables users to configure vehicles with fewer clicks. 

My Key Activities
  • User & Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Usability Testing
  • Making sense of the data by using Ethnographic methods
  • Plan and Conduct Design Sprints across different teams
  • Co-design internal workshops
  • Design Thinking Coaching
  • Strategy Presentations
Project Duration
One Year


Create and deliver a brand new showroom, car configurator and content viewing for existing customers and car enthusiasts.

As a part of the SinnerSchrader team, I supported this project to help guide the strategic development of the new website. The project was sliced into several teams, and as a Strategist, my task was to keep a holistic eye over teams looking for opportunities, challenges and gaps. And accordingly offer solutions by organising workshops, design sprints, presentations, ideation sessions and reflection rounds.


Due to the large team size, a major chunk of the project went into bringing the different teams together to align, decide and design.
Initially, the project kicked-off with a 5-day Design Sprint where we guided 20+ participants of interdisciplinary teams of designers, developers, scrum masters and product owners towards a common goal. At the end of day 5, an MVP prototype was achieved which included a starting point for the concept of the car configurator, dealer contact centre and the CMS of the new website.
Following an initial Design Sprint, for the next one year of my involvement in this project, I enabled the teams to align on long term & short term goals and help identify opportunities, obstacles and solutions.


The overall outcome was a team effort where more than 100 people worked together over months to achieve a fantastic result which served the user, business and technological needs.
Check out the website.